Vehicle Insurance

Third-party Car Insurance in Nigeria 

If you are owning a car for the first time or you are new to driving in Nigeria, it is very important to have a car insurance cover, this is not just for private vehicles alone, it applies to commercial vehicles, tricycles and motorcycles.

In Nigeria, at least a third-party car insurance is a minimum requirement under the Motor Vehicle (Third Party) Insurance Act of 1950, if you intend plying the Nigeria roads then a third-party motor insurance is the lowest level of car insurance you should consider having. 

Why is third-party car insurance necessary ? 

A third-party car insurance covers liability in a scenario where a motorist causes property damage,  bodily injury or death to a third party while using his vehicle. 

Here are some of the benefits when you buy a third-party car insurance from us for just N3000. 

1. Transfer of liability: when you incure damages with your car causing lost of property, injury or death, with just N3000 per year,  the insurance company takes over the damages.  

2.  Peace of mind: When you drive, you are rest assured you are covered when you are stopped by the vehicle inspection officers. 

3.  Easy access: You can apply for your third party car insurance anytime online by visiting enitopup.com.ng 

4. Affordable: With only  N3000 the insurance company takes over damages to the property of a third party to the tune of One Million Naira N1,000,000.

How do I get my third-party motor insurance 

For only N3000 per year you can get a third-party car insurance online, all you need to do is to:

1. Visit https://enitopup.com.ng/ui-insure

2. Fill out the form with your correct details.

3.  Make payments. 


Your third-party car insurance certificate is ready and it's delivered to your email.